Clint Keepin - Tired of fighting for his life on the mean streets of upstate Connecticut, Clint Keepin moved west to escape his tormented past. He found refuge in sunny California. Keepin recalls, "I decreed, this is where my second life shall begin!" It is said he stumbled upon a funny bone that gave him great powers of jubilant laughter and dry wit. Today, living out of his one-car-garage - like those eager start-up kids of the 80's & 90's - he tinkers with his crazy comedic contraptions to decipher the meaning of humor in order to save Earth from imminent alien destruction.

Christopher Sean - An entrepreneur… Christopher Sean has been involved with entertainment since he was a child. He is Co-founder of Between The Lines Productions. Sean cites his work ethic and talent is the driving factor to his successes. Sean has completed multiple Masters courses in prominent acting schools: Margie Haber's school, Anthony Meindl and Michael John Gonzales. The only thing between him and his goals is Chuck Norris.